Digital Solutions from infotec Colour and Black and White


· Directly from the copier
· From your PC
· Across the network
· Via the internet/e-mail
The most compact digital B/W system in the range, the IS2013 will fit easily into the smallest of spaces. It copies text, graphics and pictures in razor-sharp 300 dpi resolution and can be upgraded to provide printing from a local PC or across a network to be shared as a central resource. In addition, a fax module can be installed to create a fast and convenient Group 3 laser fax.
The IS2013 runs at 13 A4 pages per minute, with zoom up to 200%, 10 user codes, electronic sorting and many more special digital functions. It is therefore ideal for the demanding, low volume application.


4151MF, 4181MF and 4182MF
Ideal for small groups and personal users or departments with a high faxing requirement, the 4151MF, 4181MF and 4182MF are innovative and compact digital B/W multi-functionals, offering copying as standard and full network printing and faxing options. Operating at 15/18/18 ppm, these models provide a wide range of features, including; electronic sorting, paper sizes from A5 to A3 (A6 through the bypass) as well as OHP transparencies/thicker paper and high quality 600 dpi resolution in printing and copying. The 4182 MF comes with duplex as standard for double sided output up to A3 size.


S2022 and IS2027
Designed for workgroups and busy departments, the IS2022 and IS2027 are modular digital B/W copiers with large, LCD touch screen operator panels and options to upgrade to: full network printer, network scanner and/or high speed fax, all with sophisticated utility software for efficient document management.
The models operate at 22/27 ppm, with many features and options for productivity, incl.; 6GB hard disk drive with document server, high paper capacity, duplex, sorting and stapling and multiple ports for up to 3 fax lines (incl. 1group 4).


4353MF and 4452MF
Perfect for the mid-volume application, the 4353MF and 4452MF offer all the document production and management facilities which could be required by a medium to large organisation. The standard B/W copier, operating at 35/45 ppm, can be upgraded to a network printer, network scanner and/or high volume fax machine with PC-fax functions. In addition to these facilities, a well featured document server with over 10 GB capacity, combined with powerful utility software, from the basis for a high sophisticated system to streamlining document handling throughout the organisation. The documents sorted on the server can be accessed and manipulated from any PC on the network.
Additional features and options include; a very easy to use operator touch screen, very short warm-up and recovery times, full 35/45 ppm duplexing, a choice of finishing options, 9 bin mailbox and 80 sheet ARDF

From the smallest department to the largest centralised print facility, infotec has the award-winning digital range to manage your document needs. With all the advantages of the very latest technology, the multifunctional range now covers speeds from 13 to 105 ppm, all at high quality 600 dpi resolution as a minimum. With 2 systems operating in tandem, these speeds can be increased up to 210 ppm!

The combination of black and white, professional office colour and top quality specialist colour equipment, allows you to match your needs precisely. The infotec models are based on modular designs so that each one can be configured to suit individual requirements.

And, in addition to the highly-featured machines themselves, we have a range of sophisticated software utilities carefully designed to enable you to get the best from the equipment.

Documents originating in both electronic format and hard copy can be made available as appropriate to everyone across the network, or sent by e-mail, fax, PC-fax or post, across the world.

With the ever increasing volume of information being generated and distributed in the modern organisation, it is important that this information is dealt with efficiently and, with infotec solutions, you can also save valuable time and money.

This web page gives you a brief summary of the infotec digital models, to demonstrate the breath and versatility of the range. So, to experience the latest in digital technology for yourself, please contact us and we will be glad to attend all your necessities.

IS2060 and IS2075
At speeds of 60/75 ppm, the IS2060 and IS2075 provide high-volume, high performance B/W copying, printing and network scanning for the most demanding organisations.
The basic model can be upgraded with a wealth of options, all designed to allow the user to select the most productive configuration for the application.
Features and options include: integral duplex, double-sided scanning, scan directly to e-mail, 1200 dpi resolution, wireless printing, easy to use LCD operator touch screen, a choice of 3 high-capacity finishers, including saddle-stitch booklet makers, a tab printer and a colour-printed cover inserter, a 100-sheet ARDF with batch mode for unlimited capacity, a sophisticated document server for true print-on-demand and tandem operation up to 150ppm.

4850eMF and 4105eMF
Very high-performance B/W copier-printers, the 4850eMF and 4105eMF combine high-volume capacity and production with all the flexibility of a digital technology to provide the ultimate in copying and network printing. Operating at speeds of 85/105 ppm, the models are designed for central reprographics department, the printroom and similar high volume applications.
Features and options include: professional finishing-stapling, sorting and saddle-stitched, trimmed booklet making, plus cover insertion, easy to use large touch screen display on adjustable arm, large paper and toner capacity which can be refilled during operation, a dual hard disk drive of 2 X 4.3/10.2 BG providing scanning and printing simultaneously and high capacity document server for print-on-demand and archiving, CD writer/rewriter for unlimited extra storage of scanned or printed documents, tandem connection for speeds of up to 210 ppm.

The 7256Z is a full colour and B/W copier, which easily be upgraded to a network printer with a choice of controllers, one of which also offers 600 dpi scanning. The 7256Z operates in high quality colour at 6 ppm and economical black and white at 25 ppm, both at 600 dpi resolution (or up to 2400 dpi with smoothing)
Suitable for production of a wide range of document types, the model can handle paper sizes from A6 to A3 oversize and weights from 52-160 gsm, as well as providing many specialist features and finishing for perfecting colour, mono or mixed documents.

The 7356 DZ is a full colour and B/W copier, which can easily be upgraded to a network printer, a scanner and, uniquely, a high-performance Super G3 or G4 mono-colour fax machine. The ultimate in multi-functionality, the 7356DZ operates in high-quality colour at 6ppm, with a B/W speed of 31 ppm, and comes with duplex as standard.
An easy-to-use large LCD touch screen means that all the functions are readily accessible and, as with the 7256Z, paper sizes from A6 to A3 oversize and weights from 52-160 gsm can be used, along with optional finishers for creation of truly professional colour documents.

The 7513 is the colour copier-printer of the specialist colour user, such as the design studio, press and the print environment, as well as the general office. Handling paper sizes up to A3 oversize and weights from 64 to 256 gsm, the 7513 operates at 13 ppm in full, top quality colour and 51 ppm in black and white.
A range of sophisticated printer controller options are available for different applications, offering powerful processors and the latest software utilities for document management, colour processing, variable data, creating print layouts etc.

IP 280
Running at 28 ppm in full colour and 38 ppm in B/W, the IP 280 is the perfect printer for the modern office. With resolution up to genuine 1200 dpi, printing on formats up to A3 oversize, optional duplex printing and /or finishing, this model will produce the most professional office documents.
The IP 280 is network-ready as standard and comes with utility software for efficient operation. Additional options include: 20GB hard disk drive, 4-tray mailbox for separating output from different users, extra paper cassettes, 2000 sheet finisher, 2 and 4-hole punch unit and firewire interface.

IP 280 MF
For the ultimate in multifunctional solutions, the IP 280 MF provides all benefits of the IP 280, with the addition of full colour copying and network scanning and mono-colour faxing functionality via a clear LCD touch screen display. A real document station, the IP 280 MF has a 40GB hard disk and document server, providing electronic sort in copy mode, re-sending capabilities and printing from memory. A short warm-up and first copy speed, combined with the speeds of 28ppm in colour and 38ppm B/W, mean that this machine is extremely productive.
Additional options include: scan to e-mail, mailbox, duplex, 2000 sheet finisher, 2 and 4 hole punch, 80-sheet document feeder and up to 2 fax lines (including one group 4).

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