The IP280

Fast Colour printing in the office

The principle of the infotec IP 280 is quite simple: it is powerful, productive and very cost effective.
At 28 full colour and 38 b/w pages per minute, it is currently the fastest colour laser printer for the office environment.
Genuine 1200 dpi resolution and printing on formats up to A3+ (305 X 457 mm) round off the impressive features of infotec IP280.
The IP280 is fitted as standard with a parallel bi-centronics and a Ethernet interface, making it fully network-ready and straightforward to install.
PCL5c, RPCS and PS3 guarantee perfect communication with almost every operating system. RPCS (Refined Printing Command Stream) greatly simplifies the set-up procedure within the printer driver, and allows the user to save settings to use again.
The optional Firewire interface gives you the opportunity to set up a separate and extremely fast direct print network.
Auto calibration (automatic colour calibration) guarantees consistently bright and accurate colours from every application for the office environment.
If an optional 20 GB hard disk is installed, the possibilities include proof prints and password-protected printouts.
In addition, the IP280 offers a 2,000-sheet sorter/stapler, a 4-tray mailbox, a punch unit with 2 or 4 hole punching, and a flexible paper capacity of up to 3,100 sheets.


Simply a work of genius
Owing to the new sloping configuration, the 4 drums in the infotec IP 280 form a straight paper path in the smallest possible space. As well as providing remarkably compact dimensions, they also guarantee high output speeds.

Full network support
Universal interfaces allow various applications to sit side-by-side, regardless of platform:
· Fitted as standard with an Ethernet 10/100-baseT network card and a bi-directional parallel interface.
· Easy connection to all standard networks or to a standalone PC.
· Optional IEEE 1394 Firewire interface to set up separate print networks with data speeds up to 400 Mbps.
· Support for standard network protocols such as TCP/IP, IPX/SPX and Apple talk.
· Best print results under windows 95/98; NT4.0; Win 2000; Me, Apple Mac from OS 7.6.1.
· Thanks to support for Unix environments (Sun Microsystems Solaris 7, Sun OS 4.1.x) and Red Hat 6.2, the infotec IP 280 is also suitable for technical and scientific fields, in addition to its use in normal office environments.
· The utility software: "SmartNetMonitor for Admin/Client" lets you manage all printers connected to the LAN.


Always the right language
In today's networked world of business, output systems that support several page description languages are needed. What's more, the infotec IP280 sets new standards in terms of ease of use and speed.
· PCL5c to quickly print out normal documents.
· Adobe PostScript 3 for precision output of PostScript colour and DTP files.
· Higher speeds and greater ease of use are provided by RPCS (Refined Printing Command Stream). In almost all applications running under Windows, it achieves higher print speed in comparison with other page processing languages. Thanks to the unique driver interface, standard print jobs can be launched without a complicated set-up procedure, by simply clicking on pre-defined icons. In addition, RPCS lets you save various printer settings for different print jobs under one user-defined icon.
Technical data for the IP 280